India and Isreal about Climate Changes

Climate Change consequences In today’s English lesson our class spoke with some younger students from Isreal and India about climate changes. Beforehand,  my class prepared questions to ask, one of them was «How is climate change affecting your country?».India answered that they face flooding and air pollution which are all caused by climate changes.  In […]

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Fact vs Fear The title «Facts vs Fear» describes the Uk’s forced perspective of immigration and is a leading argument in the debate of Brexit. The argument is based on the matter of fact that British media raises sceptical assumptions and prejudices about immigrates and refugees. This term is used to describe the public vote […]

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The Wall of fear

What is the story behind the wall? The wall was keypoint According to President Donald Trump, the Mexican border wall is essential to prevent illegalise immigration and is necessary for America’s security. The President fears that the immigrants who emigrate from countries like Mexico, will bring drugs and steal American citizens’ jobs. In addition, he […]

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Before the flood

Dear Mr. DiCaprio: In class, I saw the documentary film you made about the challenges posed by climate changes. Like many of my classmates, I was very horrified by the extent to which our world has already been destroyed by the reckless actions of diverse industry, farming and people in general. The film definitely highlights […]

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Being a Good Citizen

Task 1&2 I chose the picture, number three of Leonardo Dicaprio who holds a speech about climate change at the Fn conference.  He is the perfect exsample of an excellent citizen because he is outspoken of an urgent and relevant case where he attempted to raise people awareness. Leonardo Dicaprio is an envormimentall activist and […]

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