Before the flood

Dear Mr. DiCaprio: In class, I saw the documentary film you made about the challenges posed by climate changes. Like many of my classmates, I was very horrified by the extent to which our world has already been destroyed by the reckless actions of diverse industry, farming and people in general. The film definitely highlights […]

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Being a Good Citizen

Task 1&2 I chose the picture, number three of Leonardo Dicaprio who holds a speech about climate change at the Fn conference.  He is the perfect exsample of an excellent citizen because he is outspoken of an urgent and relevant case where he attempted to raise people awareness. Leonardo Dicaprio is an envormimentall activist and […]

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Spare Parts, immigration issues,dreamers

The movie Spare Parts raises the awareness of a highly applicable debate, immigration: what the government should do with the approximately eleven million illegal immigrants that are located inside the border of America. However, Spare Parts especially highlights «the Dreamers» in the movie which are illegally smuggled immigrants who arrived in America as children. They came from […]

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My opinion of the movie Spark Parts

Spare Parts is an adaptation based on a real-life story of four undocumented Latino high school students from a deprived neighbourhood who attended a national underwater robotics competition and beat the other participants. An unexpected outcome. Having watched the movie, I was pleasantly surprised at how the basic story was so accurately portrayed and that the […]

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My reading

  Theme «That is not funny,» he said «it’s not supposed to be funny, » I said «I’ m transferring to Reardon now. I want you to come with me» «And are u going to this imaginary journey?» «It’is not imaginary. It’is real. And I am transferring now. I start school tomorrow at Reardon» The […]

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