Before the flood

Dear Mr. DiCaprio:

In class, I saw the documentary film you made about the challenges posed by climate changes. Like many of my classmates, I was very horrified by the extent to which our world has already been destroyed by the reckless actions of diverse industry, farming and people in general.

The film definitely highlights all of the important aspects of climate change and global warming. The environmental consequences such as that the Atlantic ice is just like the air condition for the world, without it will drastically change the weather patterns and bring larger consequences of drought and floods. By decreasing the ice the sea level will rise. However, the documentary also talked about the political issue of it. In fact that everything we do: transportation, building are we producing carbon dioxide. Also, almost all of our energy resources are depended on fossil fuel. Furthermore, most of our wealth indeed comes from fossil fuel. The fossil fuel is sadly the wealth of humankind.

At the end of the film, I had many questioned I wanted to put to about. I wished to ask you, as a media person, how do you suggest we can encourage people to participate and reverse this extremely dangerous situation.  Apart from making movies what do you purpose to do about forcing the president of the United to the States of America to the Paris Accords? From with the U.S has withdrawn. Quite frankly, it is my hope that the leader of the Western World will rapidly return to the accords and fulfil the obligations set out in them. The election the house of representative is obviously in the centre of attention right now. What do you think

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