Being a Good Citizen

Task 1&2

I chose the picture, number three of Leonardo Dicaprio who holds a speech about climate change at the Fn conference.  He is the perfect exsample of an excellent citizen because he is outspoken of an urgent and relevant case where he attempted to raise people awareness. Leonardo Dicaprio is an envormimentall activist and is the spokesperson for the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation which raises awareness of climate changes. The Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation is a campaign that is dedicated to the long-term health and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants.

Their mission is to restore balance to the threaten ecosystems, species and communities and to increase ambition to tackle the crisis of climate change. The campaign contributes to the society by raising awareness of this issues and promoting the best climate solutions. The society obviously needs to take action of the climate changes before the consequences will be too great to handle. Likewise, destroying our planet. Climate change is undeniable something in the society that our citizens ought to be aware of to make a difference, save our dear earth. Not at least, we can secure earth’s resources will also be enjoyed by the future generations.

Picture three is about volunteering working in an American soup kitchen. If you work in an American soup kitchen for free, you help out the other citizens that don’t have a house or anything to eat. Meanwhile, you are working for free you also help the state by saving them money. So when you work as a volunteer you not also help the stat you also help the poor people, that is a way to be a good citizen.  In addition, when we fulfil implement some good greed our brain is stimulated with the feeling known as «goodwill». Goodwill is a cooperative feeling or attitude humankind gained after we have implemented tasks when have done something good or nice. Hence, a feeling of happy satisfaction or reward.

Task 3

The United States of America Edward Snowden

After the leaking of the biggest cache of the top secret documents in the world from five years ago, Edward Snowden has no regrets of his decision and is today a fugitive. Edward Snowden was a former employee of the  Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)and charged for leaking classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA). The leaked documents revealed information about global surveillance programs which is run by NSA and the Five eyes Intelligence Alliance.

Today, Edward Snowden exile in an unlocated place in Russia and is highly wanted by the U.S police.  Since the controversy, he became the President of Freedom of the Press  Foundation. The President of the Freedom of the Press Foundation is an organization that protects journalists from hacking and government surveillance and protect the right of the free press. As a result, he is acknowledged as a whistleblower, a patriot and a dissident. The incident has caused a heavily tempted debate about the balance of national security and information privacy.








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