My opinion of the movie Spark Parts

51H0KUSRCOL._SY445_Spare Parts is an adaptation based on a real-life story of four undocumented Latino high school students from a deprived neighbourhood who attended a national underwater robotics competition and beat the other participants. An unexpected outcome. Having watched the movie, I was pleasantly surprised at how the basic story was so accurately portrayed and that the director stayed this close to the real story. Often in movie adaptations like these, the content of the story is often dramatically different, almost to the point of being unrecognisable from the genuine story.  In addition, the characterization of the students was quite authentic and similar to the real people. Even though the movie makers portrayed the people very accurately, I was not upset to learn later that entering the robotic competition was the idea of two teachers who taught the boys, and not the recruiting ad circulated by the organizers of the competition.

The Charles Hanway Community High School had limited resources for materials for their robot compared to the other teams at college because of their limited budget of eight hundred dollars. Therefore they were forced to stick to their budget and prioritize the most important and central parts of the process to create the robot. Nevertheless, the other team, consisting of college students had access to sponsors. Hence, they had bigger opportunities and the freedom to build whichever robot they wanted. As a result, the other teams seemed to build a far more impressive robot with more advanced technology then our main protagonists.  Therefore, the Latino competitors still manage to win despite their limited resources compared with the other participants. This is due to their greater skill and creativity in producing a magnificent robot, which they named Stinky.

The future for the robot is bright. In the coming years,  robotic technology will become more advanced, revolutionary and useful in unthinkable areas such as health care, medicine, science, cleaning and mathematics and much more! As a matter of fact, artificial intelligence is already in use. There are already robots which are able to implement a task that is tedious to humans but necessary for instance, the artificial intelligence Al system developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the PLA General Hospital in Beijing. The Al system has the ability to trace brain activity that is invisible to the human eye by mapping the brain’s activity and measuring microscopic changes in blood flow. It is a very useful technology for doctors in evaluating a patient’s condition.



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