Advice to fellow students

A study guied

Firstly, the art of studying involves repetition which is unversial for all learning. The prosses of learning does not matter of the amount of time we spend on the subject or information that we are supposed to gain. However,  an important factor is how we study and despones our time during the study time.  I assumed and supposed that everyone has heard the term «Study smarter  not harder».

The most popular and productive study techniques are the ones where we repeat the same information over a longer period of time and then go slowly into more depht of the content. Before studying is it important to prioritize your list of topics by date and importance. Nonetheless look for the keyproblems , find the patterns of the information and create a better understanding . Futhermore develope the skill to connect the lines between your knowledge of the subejct and other key problems.

A famuosly technique , called»the pomodoro»,  often used and  highly recommended by scentists . The promodoro theqninc allows us to study more effecient with less efforts . If you would like to know more about the promodoro theqninc Google it.





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