The hurricanes and cyclones in Gulf and Mexico

Not long ago, the newspapers were filled with the frontage  of climate change that has caused larger and ever deadlier hurricanes and cyclones . The areas which are especially endangered  lies around Gulf and Mexico. With the recent Hurricane Florence and the Hurricane in Puerto Rico last year.

However it is questionable and concerning, how the U.S government has the authority and power to manipulate the death tolls to seem less dramatic. In addition  they try their best to hide the numbers altogether. For example, if they reports that the death toll is around hundreds when it actually was a thousand of people who had passed away. Another example would be if the death toll was 24 they could say that the Hurricane had claimed a few lives.

Obviously,  the Emergency Services are not fit to handle these hurricanes. They do not managed to help everyone who needs it. Take for example the hurricane in Puerto Rico last year where the death toll was 2 975,but then afterwards the Puerto Rican government originally claimed the death toll was 64.

The president of the United States Donald. J. Trump responded to this highly critical situation by saying that the U.S Emergency Services did a “fantastic” job, handling the hurricane, despite the fact that nearly 3000 died.  Furthermore, he also claimed that they handled this much better in comparison of the hurricane Katrina in 2005. Nonetheless the hurricane in Katrina only had a death toll of 1,200.

Firstly, it is clear that they are trying to cover up their mistakes and limitations of the emergency services by rephrasing or fiddle with numbers of death toll . Secondly they attempt to hid the truth which is that the Emergency Services are unable to help those who need their assistance. Thirdly, the reasoning behind the Emergency  Services failures, is that the Senate rather spend money on their military than the Emergency Services when they clearly needs it in these kind of situations.

As a result this demonstrate how unprepared the Emergency Services is, if a truly massive hurricane hits and that maybe the government should probably revalue the incomes in their military and instead demand in more people in the Emergency Service so they could save more people who has been influenced by the hurricane in Gulf and Mexico

Advice to fellow students

A study guied

Firstly, the art of studying involves repetition which is unversial for all learning. The prosses of learning does not matter of the amount of time we spend on the subject or information that we are supposed to gain. However,  an important factor is how we study and despones our time during the study time.  I assumed and supposed that everyone has heard the term «Study smarter  not harder».

The most popular and productive study techniques are the ones where we repeat the same information over a longer period of time and then go slowly into more depht of the content. Before studying is it important to prioritize your list of topics by date and importance. Nonetheless look for the keyproblems , find the patterns of the information and create a better understanding . Futhermore develope the skill to connect the lines between your knowledge of the subejct and other key problems.

A famuosly technique , called»the pomodoro»,  often used and  highly recommended by scentists . The promodoro theqninc allows us to study more effecient with less efforts . If you would like to know more about the promodoro theqninc Google it.




The arranged discussion

Today, our theme, in  English was how to have a better converastion. My English teacher split the class into groups of two where each of us prepared to have a debate about a chosen subject. After the preparartions the pairs filmed the heated discussion. Beforehand, the class watched a video of  how we can imporve our conversations. The theme of our debate for me and my partner was the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

In the debate we discussed how Donald Trump function as the President. My partner talked about how Donald creates chaos in the world and is a contrevarsial person who is the worst representative of the American People. Meanwhile, I responded that president Trump may not be as emptyheaded as he appears to be  and in the future he may actually make a difference in America, either good or bad. In the end we both agreed diagree.

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First impression of «The Absolutely True Diary of a Part – Time Indian»

My first impression of this novel written by Ellen Forney, was that the narrorator had a lot of personality which translated into the writhing style of this book. The language of this book is told by «me» perspective which let’s us get to know the hiluarios narrator better, Arnold Spirit. Arnold Spirit is the main characther and the story surronds arounds his life as an Native American in the rez. The sentence are easy to read and is definetly customized for the younger adults.

The first chapters introuduced Arnold Spirit as an shy, sensitive, kind and meature young teenager who dreams about a better future or having a greater purpose in life.  However, the main character tells us about how he always been an outcast from the Sporkane Indian tribe because of his brain grease and appereance.  In addtion Arnold has speech impendents. The story continue with him explainening his biggest issuse being stuck in the poverty  which is the lack of oppurtinties. One day he wishes that he could become an artist in the future.

So far I read, I think the story was very intresting and fascinating. It has great descriptions  which makes the content more intreging to read. In addtion the author has written some amazing characters who has a lot depth into them.  The first chapters provides the readers with laughter and curiosity.




My book choice of English literature

My book choice

In the English class each of students is suppose to read English literature  , and we have options  between «About a boy» by Nick Hornby  and » The Absloute Diary of a Part-Time Indian»by  Sherman Alexie. About the boy is an autobiography which is based on Nick Horneby ‘s experience grown up as an Indeginous American.  However,the «The Abslute True Diary  of a part-time time» tells the story of a 14-year-old Native American teenager.

I decided to read » The Absolutely true Diary of a part-time Indian» because of its captured heading and a very intriguing conepct of a Native American teenager. My expectiaions for this is book is that the content will focus on the struggles being a part-timer Indian in the soceity and hopefully give me a new point of view or another persepctive of Native Americans.




It begins in the English classroom

My full name is Karoline Zhiwen Lie Holm and I was born approximentely on the sixth day of August, two thousend of two. I am a commen Norwegian sixteen-year-old student at Sandvika VGS where I take lessons in programming which is also famously known as IT (Information Technology).  The foundtation of this blog started in my second English lesson. Even though I learn how to create websides by programming, I still had problems with the settings in this blog. However, I am here to learn.

In this school year of 2018/2019 I look forward to hopefully improve my writing skills by for exsample proudce new content on this blog. In addtion I am looking forward to expand my english vocabulaire and learn new useful expression.  My expections for this English class will be that we will learn how to developed great arguments and have interesting debates about relevant themes or problems we face in our society. For the next three years I hope I will accomplished to become a more confident writer and create decent articles.